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Fish Skin Mounts

We are located in the heart of Big Bass country. Naturally the most common skin mount is the Largmouth Bass. However we do a wide variety of fresh water skin mounts.


Fish Reproduction Mounts

Using a fiberglass replica, we can recreate the size and colors of your fish ranging from Blue gill, Largemouth Bass, and other various fresh and saltwater fish reproductions.


Mount Repair

Damage to your mount from years ago can happen easily. From broken fins to faded colors J-Jay's can get your mount back in shape and back on your wall.


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" Your work is awesome...I wish you were here ....They need you here...."

Donovan B, Oklahoma City, OK

" Dude, that's crazy! I'm impressed!"

Peter H, N.C.

" Dang Jeff you got skills son."

Mario T, Plant City, FL

" We will remember you next time we catch a huge one."

Connie C, Lakeland, FL
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